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Re: When to 'draw the line'

Subject: Re: When to 'draw the line'
by markspada on 2011/10/7 4:40:38

Ed....you have sunk to a new low, here.

You're obviously not intelligent enough to be aware of the fact that you are mixing metaphors, so I suppose you simply can't comprehend just how offensive your post it.

My grandparents were born in Germany of Russian ancestry. During the third reich, my grandfather was separated from his family and placed in a gulag. My father escaped from the former Yugoslavia after witnessing many of his friends and family members slaughtered in front of his eyes.

That you so easily and carelessly reference fascist imagery in yet another pathetic attempt to leverage opinion in your favor is sickening and cowardly.

You are a loathsome and vile piece of excrement, Ed.

And your day is done.

- Mark Spada
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