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Re: When to 'draw the line'

Subject: Re: When to 'draw the line'
by Darren on 2011/10/7 4:42:47

I grew up pretty straight forward, old school style, and I am pretty much the same now. Ignore what problems don't really pertain or affect you, always stand up for what's right, know when someone or some thing is not worth your time and always, always, always have the stones to face adversity dead on when there is no other way around it or when that adversity is too big to simply let go by - even if it means having to take a hit.

Sometimes, the bigger picture is worth more than the moment. It's ok sometimes to just say "ok" instead of arguing with someone when you realize 'winning' really isn't that important. Emotion can confuse this logic.

It takes a level of maturity to know when enough is enough, and equally to know when someone just needs to 'shut up or put up'. Words are cheap and can only go so far. In the end, it's a man's choice of actions that bring respect to himself. What you do always speaks far louder than what you say.

If I had a real problem with somebody, then I would take it up with them personally. It's nobody else's business - nor should it ever be.

Those are my opinions.
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