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Re: "us" and "them"

Subject: Re: "us" and "them"
by Darren on 2011/11/14 12:52:49

Well, that's a complicated thing to explain. Competition is and can be a healthy thing. It brings out the best in people in regards to what they can achieve, overcoming fear, doubt and self-limitations. However, if that competition is spiteful, then it makes the person sick inside. The person may 'win', but they eventually will devour their own tail in desperation to constantly be 'the best'.

At the same time, a person who never has any competition doesn't know what it's like to fail and succeed. They just go about life with little ambition to improve and push themselves beyond what limits they 'think' they have. This is why sports programs that discourage a 'winner' and 'loser', don't keep scores or stats, only end up robbing each player of the desire to succeed. It doesn't prepare them for the real world, where your results are what's important. Competition, when done in a healthy manner, prepares people for life success and is a necessary component to fostering a spirit of winning - and how to constructively accept a loss.

Balance is always the key here.
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