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Re: "us" and "them"

Subject: Re: "us" and "them"
by Papa-san on 2011/11/14 21:42:35

Another well thought out point John, I also think that if a person doesn't "struggle" that much of what makes us special is lost. It is in that struggle that we get to define ourselves. Contrary to the idea that self-esteem can be taught, I think we must earn it by the struggles we endure. So how to connect these two important concepts? Maybe, I think, that the struggle is a "competition" within ourselves and directed at making us better providers, defenders, and supporters of the human society. Yes, nature requires that all creatures struggle to live or that life is lost and we certainly are part of nature. But in nature there are also many examples of group cooperation, ie, the herd to protect the young, the 'wolf pack' to provide food for the pack, and many more. How should we define "our pack"? As just the small sub group who lives and believes as we, or the broader human race?
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