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Re: "us" and "them"

Subject: Re: "us" and "them"
by Shimajiro on 2011/11/15 3:00:06

The bottom line for me right now is, in order to benefit and enjoy the fruits of a more altruistic or civil society, we need to accept and embrace the natural tendency for competition, the healthy kind as well as the ruthless and destructive kind.

The minute we assume we can safely ignore or legislate away that tendency, is when the clock of our society's demise starts counting down.

When we tried to legislate away greed by forcing banks to give loans to people who had no means of paying them back, we created a lot of suffering despite our good intentions. ALL entites, biological, idealogical, corporate or what-have-you, will maneuver endlessly to protect benefits and minimize loss.

Right now we seem to be experiencing relatively good times, wherein poor people often suffer more from obeisity and boredom than any real deprivation. What I see as the primary danger is what I call the 'Let's make a law!' syndrome.

An inequality or lack is perceived and then legislation is pushed to fix it, with little regard to the long-term consequences. More thought and acceptance of competition and selfishness--on all sides--could go a long way to help guide legislative efforts to more productive (if perhaps less sensational) ends.

Just some thoughts of mine of the cuff. Good discussion!

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