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Re: The pipes the pipes are calling

Subject: Re: The pipes the pipes are calling
by Turtle on 2004/12/17 6:28:59

What consoles you when your friends die?

It's hard to do, but I try to think myself incredibly lucky to have known that person and to have had them in my life. I try to focus on all the positives, such as times we spent laughing and simply being happy. Knowing that you've made that person's life more enjoyable for knowing you also helps.

At the end of the day all life is but a temporary visit someplace and that person has shared part of that valuable time with you.

I wonder what it is that fills the void?

I think the problem here is thinking of their death as creating a void. I'd rather than thinking of their life and the time spent together as a gift, one which you will give and receive as new people enter your own life.

As I said, it's much easier to say than do, I always try to keep my chin up with the thought that the recently departed would rather I was happy than sad, and would prefer I raise a drink in their honour than feel sorrow for their passing.

Hope that helps, even if just a little.
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