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shirobanryu dreaming:The tradition of peaceful warriors

Subject: shirobanryu dreaming:The tradition of peaceful warriors
by shirobanryu on 2015/12/5 12:45:23

Taking the challenge,a new world to explore
mind and body changes,reality and so much more
conquering doubts, burying ghosts of the past
now,much more in a lifetime,eternity at last-
a time honored tradition,deep in the history of man
beckoning,drawing you closer to a mysterious land.

Throwing your soul into its nightmares
so as to enter and follow your dreams
taking control of your future,at last it seems.

for ever mixing and then changing.
values and morals examined,a destiny rearranging
time to look beyond the surface layers of man-beast
dig deeper into the timeless light of peace
fulfill a destiny and make self whole

End the mind wars,
Bring peace to the soul.
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