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shirobanryu dreaming:ode to the kunoichi kawasaki..final act.

Subject: shirobanryu dreaming:ode to the kunoichi kawasaki..final act.
by shirobanryu on 2015/12/5 22:44:05


Into the white she dove,old style box Merc it was:
stalled in kunoichi's lane, whilst trying to cross.
kunoichi knew no fear-only my survival did care-
helmet and leathers,black on red was i that night.

kunoichi of white wheels,red on black,she shone.
into the white of that night she dove screaming along-
for kunoichi kawasaki the zx7...there was no coming home.

...so ends my ode to the fem ninja that did save my life;
so ends my ode to the kunoichi kawasaki.
a zx7 ninja model with power and subtle grace...

...Into the white she dove screaming,all too quick a sacrifice-
whilst rider, shiro;me;was kept alive, in this human race.
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