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Re: Shodan No Maki, by Van Donk?

Subject: Re: Shodan No Maki, by Van Donk?
by Leam on 2010/11/3 10:27:51

Well, I'd have to admit that I like videos as it let's me digest things at my pace. However, they are an add on unless you're a real driven and perceptive sort. Even then, given the nuance of this stuff, I'm not sure you'd get past the gross motor skills.

That said, I have had a video for a year or three and made no progress. Ego says blame it on a bad back and a big belly. I've been walking, swimming, and weight-lifting enough that I can possibly get back into an actual class. Locally there's no taijutsu but we have 2-3 aikido groups in town. Odd, given the size and culture of the town...

Sometimes there is a difficulty in accepting the loose organization and slow pace of progress. No words of wisdom for you on that, sorry.

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