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Re: Shodan No Maki, by Van Donk?

Subject: Re: Shodan No Maki, by Van Donk?
by YoruKage on 2010/11/3 11:22:12

excellent advice and suggestions. I will try contacting Aric. There used to be a Shidoshi here named Mike Miraglia, but I don't think he lives here anymore. I haven't been able to track him down in any way. His website that's listed on winjutsu.com isn't up anymore. It will be a while before I can fly anyone out to help me because I don't have a big group (my pregnant wife and sister's boyfriend are it right now) and we are really tight on finances right now. You have no idea (well maybe you do) just how much I value the offer to come and train with us RJHIII. I am going to keep that in mind for sure. I've met Eric several times while training in Utah but I don't have his contact info. Could you please PM me it Mr. Seago? Thank you.
As to training in other budo, there isn't any I've found here. Only Taekwondo and Kenpo. I used to train in Karate for seven years before Bujinkan and I'm not interested in going back to that type of martial art. If anyone knows Mike Miraglia's contact info, could they PM me please. Even if he isn't here anymore he could direct me to his former students. Thanks everyone, I value and agree with all of your comments. Thank you.
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