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Re: Shodan No Maki, by Van Donk?

Subject: Re: Shodan No Maki, by Van Donk?
by jibran on 2010/11/3 11:29:45

YoruKage, is this place in Boise Valley accessible?
http://www.bvjudo.com/ The instructor is a judo rokudan.

There's also this aikido place that seems well-regarded on aikiweb http://www.komyozan.org/site/index.ph ... on=com_frontpage&Itemid=1

Judo would be my top suggestion if you can get to it though because it will give you good conditioning and understanding of kuzushi before you get a chance to start taijutsu training, and if you'll be traveling once a month, it will be a good way to reinforce what you're learning in between.
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