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Re: Which books would you recommend?

Subject: Re: Which books would you recommend?
by skuggvarg on 2010/10/26 1:07:03

Anyway this book, as you mentioned before, is the interpretation of its Author and those who gave him support on his project, one of them is Shihan Steven Frolich (15th Dan - Germany), so you mean he is not a "good instructor?"

Mr Froelich may or may not be a good instructor in the Bujinkan, it matters little if he is not well versed in the waza of Gyokko Ryu in this case. This book has been discussed before and I remember looking at the illustrations shown (seems to be of the waza Ketsu Myaku from Jou ryaku no maki) and it didnt take me 3 seconds to spot a mistake. I do like the illustrations though and the idea is good. Did the author get approval from Hatsumi senseifor the book? Did he ask him or any Menkyo Kaiden holder to help or check with the details of the book?

Best regards / Skuggvarg
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