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Re: New documentary featuring Dr. Kacem Zoughari

Subject: Re: New documentary featuring Dr. Kacem Zoughari
by Lockfield on 2013/12/9 4:16:13

1. It's easy to say that he is questioning the validity of the technique due to effectiveness, it's different when you are doing something to really validate it's effectiveness.

2. If Ninjutsu and/or Koryu is supposed to be effective at any setting, including MMA (his words), well the proof is in the pudding: where's the pudding?

3. His account of ninjutsu is majorly focused on assassination. Historical documentation of ninja assassination please. I don't know (and if it did, I didn't catch it) any point in the video that he references ninjutsu as intelligence gathering, which has documentation from various sources.

4. He talks too much in the class setting. His uke's tsuki sucks, instead of addressing that technical deficiency, he focuses on the higher stuff of strategy, tactics and philosophy.

MY final verdict: actions speak louder than words, and his actions don't speak much.
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