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Re: Recommend me some fictional novels

Subject: Re: Recommend me some fictional novels
by shirobanryu on 2015/12/6 11:58:08

an avid reader over the years though i concentrate
on non-fict. the following 2 fiction book series
are some of the few in my library:

author:ERIC VAN LUSTBADER:prolific writer,has many
martial art/action books incl several on THE
NINJA theme with both esoteric/exoteric devices
utilised by main characters.the storylines are
involved and probably suit an intense reader.a good
long read.

well as action types eg ANGEL EYES/BLACK BLADE/

the other non-fict series i recommend
("cheap tabloid trash") style books.
easy and fun to read with a very interesting
take on the so called sun source of all
m.arts-the two main characters are sensei
and student studying SINANJU-deemed to be
the first m.art etc-
written with humor and tongue in cheek approach.
ideal for small read bites eg on the train when
heading to trng.

authors:richard sapir/warren murphy/james mullaney
book series: THE DESTROYER (over 100 in the series
-i have the first 57 for exampl and several other)...
i also recall the movie REMO:UNARMED AND DANGEROUS
was based on this series...

njoy till next...


Peterloom wrote:
I just finished reading an amazing book called The Last Umbra by M.R Chavez. He has a unique take on the Japanese culture by bringing a samurai warrior to early California. The book is full of action that kept me entertained from beginning to end.

Its a Historical Adventure, Action-thriller. It is focused on the admiration for the Japanese warrior class. This book tells of not a pride filled Samurai, but instead, a ninja assassin on a quest in gold-rush era California.

If anyone want to check it out you can find it here.


Please recommend more books if you have some. I'm really into something that has a lot of action!

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