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Re: Shinden Fudo Ryu and Kyushu Points?

Subject: Re: Shinden Fudo Ryu and Kyushu Points?
by Yamazu on 2006/6/29 15:24:43

Naosuryu was asking:
I would like to find some info on how Kyushu are applied in Shinden Fudo Ryu, as this is a Ryuha that stress's natural movement as compared to more rigid stances and forms in some of the other Ryuha.
Also I would appreciate any suggestions on training methods that can be applied to present the Kyushu points for easier explotation?

The way I see the more vulnerable places of the human body (Kyûsho) are used in every school, every technique. And this goeth - in my opinion - for any martial art, too, Eastern or Western. After all, there's not much sense attacking the opponent where he can take it, right?

So, as benkyoka already said, simply train the forms, any of them, and the answers are there.

On the natural movement / rigid stances and forms.... hmm... have to disagree; all the same!!! One shouldn't be rigid or unnatural in any of our schools There are simply different ways of applying the Taijutsu, these coming from the ideology of the Ryû in question.

The Kyûsho... not so big a mystery to begin with....
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