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Subject: Hehehe...
by JamesGarcia on 2007/1/16 14:54:39

Never heard it was from Kukishin-Ryu' or Kukishinden but I wouldn't be surprised. I remember Sensei speaking of having to do Shinken Shirahadori with Takamatsu Sensei attacking with different spear and sword, but never heard from behind.

Sensei has said that it is written in the scrolls of Togakure-Ryu'... And the taijutsu of Togakure-Ryu' is partly based on Gyokko-Ryu' which has attacks from behind, both unarmed and with a sword, in the upper sections.

Kuki Sabaki also entails a closer distance both in starting position and in Uke-nagashi as you go up in the levels. An overall message that the more he attacks, the worst it is for him.

As for the original question on different ways of doing the Kata, the description in the Densho' of the Kata are a bit vague, for instance they might say hip throw or Gyakuwaza and won't say which throw or what specific Gyaku, leading to many different ways of doing the Kata that are still technically correct. In the higher levels, the finishes are more concerned with the Taijutsu than the technique, so the methods are completely Henka based on your position, which makes for even more interpretations of the same kata, but are still correct.

You then also have the Taijutsu of Shinken-Gata, Kukishin-Ryu' DakenTaijutsu and Jutaijutsu which change how the techniques are done, even though they share similarities. Not to mention the influence of wearing armour versus not.
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