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Re: Kuki swordwork

Subject: Re: Kuki swordwork
by Shinobiko on 2007/8/22 2:51:58

I understand what you are saying Coyote. I too think it is very important that we understand this art in its original and historical contents; and I don't think Duncan or Ed would disagree with that. HOWEVER, if you are going to understand the true nature of Kukishin and it's kamae, you have to do it with the proper situation. Kukishin was designed to work with heavy armor. Having fought with current armor plus packs, etc., I can tell you that your stances are much lower. Otherwise, you will lose your balance easily. When you don't have that same kind of weight, there is no reason to have low statnces becasue it does severerly limit your mobility. And doing the kata with low stances does not IMHO mimick what you are dealing with in armor. If you want the true measure of the kamae, put on a backpack with about 60 pounds of sandbags in it and do the kata.

Jeff Walker
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