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Re: 9 ryu question

Subject: Re: 9 ryu question
by Toruko-jin on 2007/12/15 15:17:10

Dear Musasabi,
I usually accept soke's books for the source and try to read them with heart, that is why my Ninja understanding may be that way. I also wonder about your sources and their reliabelty. I can see that you read a lot and have a lot of knowledge.

I also wonder if there is a clan, organization or a nation that has no leaders? (except the Aborjins)so it is not too hard to think of a Jonin. You really do not have to find it in a scroll. Just think aobut it, you will come to the same point.

About Shinobi life style, please read Hatsumi Sensei's various books, I think he is a very good source as his knowledge comes mostly from Takamatsu sensei. Essence of Ninjutsu once more!

If there is no distinction between Ninja and Samurai, why do people say that they come from a Ninja family or Samurai family or both?

I agree with you with the name ''NINJA'' as they might be called with many different names in the history.
Sorry I can not make a long essay here as this is a forum but try to read Soke's books with your heart and think about those days, you may get the idea or maybe I got the wrong idea I am ready to accept reality with an open heart.
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