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Re: New book by Soke - Unarmed fighting techniques of the Samurai

Subject: Re: New book by Soke - Unarmed fighting techniques of the Samurai
by shunketsu on 2008/7/27 23:47:28


Ôari wrote:
Syllabus and grading requirements... officially? What might you be meaning?

Correct me if I am wrong - I get the impression that Soke's deliberate decision to not impose and enforce a fixed syllabus is to help prevent us from missing the wood for the trees.

If he ever DID decide to order us to follow something based on the 6 revealed ryu, we already have enough to occupy me for a few lifetimes or so.

So I cannot imagine another 3 more ryu revealed in lurid explicit detail. Much less if we actually had to understand them to grasp Soke's art.

disclaimer: the above is MY opinion, garnered from reading Kutaki for years and talking with my shidoshi. I have not yet trained in Japan, either with Soke or the Japanese shihan, and so gauge the worth of my opinion based on that... :)

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