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Re: Kenjutsu in the Bujinkan

Subject: Re: Kenjutsu in the Bujinkan
by Garth on 2009/7/17 17:29:00

Just a thought, but is there any reason that Gyokko Ryu should have sword work within it.

From what i understand Gyokko Ryu was a method of martial arts passed down by monks and as such carrying a sword might be against the teachings they were following.

Hense Gyokko Ryu was a form of martial arts where an unarmed individual could protect himself from an armed assailant.

Remember that in Gyokko Ryu even the basic forms start from a bowing hand clasped (Gasho Rei) position thus suggesting its links to Buddhism.

Incidently the above could also apply to Koto Ryu too.

In regard to sword work, I think that the sword is over estimated as a weapon on the battlefields of Japan. What swords were used were probably very large.

Have you ever wondered why we have lots of defences from downward cuts and thrusts but not defences from same gyaku kesa giri or kesa giri or yoko giri.

Well as it was explained to me, The swords on the battlefields were too heavy and cumbersome to do those type of cuts. These cuts are common with latter edo period sword work (Off the battlefield) but not on the battlefield.

Also statistics of battlefield injuries in the sengoku Jidai in regard to the sword injuries from the weapon were very very few. The spear, bow and gun making up the most casualties that seem to appear.

So if Gyokko Ryu was a Buddhist influenced art which was the foundation of Ninjutsu and used by Ninja like Momochi Whoses job was spying), why would the art have any sword work, especilally if it was never used on the battlefield.

And any sword work a ninja like Momochi would need would be in the Togakure Ryu.

Incidently isnt the Togakure Ryu also in the Gyokko ryu makimono

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