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Re: Kotō Ryū Kata Kanji and Translation Request

Subject: Re: Kotō Ryū Kata Kanji and Translation Request
by Oniyama on 2010/2/14 8:02:32


Zenigata wrote:
I agree with Ari, sensei put out the reference "Unarmed Techniques of the Samurai" which should be used ahead of all these incorrect notes and translations that were floating around. I do have a bit of inside knowledge because I was there at the time in the discussion with a shihan and sensei over the exchange of ryuha notes on the internet and in particular the selling of technique descriptions. From my understanding the book is there to end this industry.

The kanji names are in the book at the back. If you are interested in the meanings of the names I suggest more study since there is no simple translation for most things.

You can invest in a good kanji dictionary or I can suggest using this:
to look up kanji and examine the (possible) meanings.

First of all, I am not in any industry and I am not selling anything. My notes are for me, my students and my friends who train in the Bujinkan.

Second, I have actually used that and other online Kanji dictionaries. While it can be done, it is extremely time consuming and difficult. Even then, sometimes what you are looking for is just not there. When I was putting together my kyu material for my students, I went the kanji dictionary route, it was a long, painful process. If someone had the kanji already and were willing to share them it would make this process much easier adn I would be very grateful.
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