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Re: Kotō Ryū Kata Kanji and Translation Request

Subject: Re: Kotō Ryū Kata Kanji and Translation Request
by Oniyama on 2010/2/14 9:49:44


jwills79 wrote:

I believe the point everyone is trying to make is: Before coming on public forum making demands.

First of all, I was asking, not demanding. There is a big differnce.


jwills79 wrote:
You first need to go and practice it for yourself. When you visit Japan actually train at the Hombu and other shihan instead spending most of your time at temples and shrines. If you want to spend most of your time doing other things in Japan other than train that is your perogative. You shouldn't later be expecting others to share there hard work without you even getting your hands dirty first. So get off of your ass!

What is this? So far I have made two trips to Japan. On both trips the majority of my time was spent training as much as my financial resources allowed. While, yes I did visit some shrines, it is not what I spent most of my time doing. Could you please clarify on what you are basing this accusation that on my trips to Japan I spent most of my time sight seeing and not training?


jwills79 wrote:
How can you expect to teach it if you haven't learned it yourself? Just bringing in good instructors to teach your students is helpful but you should be able to teach them as well. Especially if you are going to call yourself an instructor because if not then you are simply an events coordinator. "Oniyama Promotions!"

Yes, I have brought in teachers to give seminars, just like many other who run dojos. I am also to teach my students and do so in every class. Again, you are making an accusation, this time that I don't teach but merely coordinate seminars. Could you please state what you are basing this accusation on. Have you been to my class? Have you seen me teach. Have you seen the training material I provide for my students?


jwills79 wrote:
Forums are used to share information between individuals. Depending on the type of information you have to earn the right. You should also ideally have some competent understanding in said knowledge before being privy to more info. You have neither!

You know, I've actually been teaching Koto Ryu kata to my students for a few years now. The information for which I was asking (not demanding) is something for which I feel I have a reasonable right to ask. Now you have made a third accusation. This time you have accused me of being incompetent and have no knowledge of the subject matter. I again ask you upon what are you basing this? How do you know my knowledge level? What do you really know about my competence?


jwills79 wrote:
Your excuse was you were to lazy to look it up and compile it. I wouldn't be surprised if that is how you approach most of your training and that ultimately reflects in your skill level.

If you saw the training materials that I provided my students you would not call me lazy. For an example, e-mail privately at instructor@roundrockbujinkan.com and I'll send you over the work I did on Gyokko Ryu so you can get a better idea of what I'm working on.

As far as laziness goes, I am going to issue you a little challenge. Pick one level of Koto Ryu (that should be about 8 to 18 kata) and try to find the Kanji and translations for those kata using only an online kanji dictionary. I've done just that for my kyu material and my Gyokko Ryu notes. I can tell you that it is the difference between a few hours and possibly weeks. It is no a trivial endeavor.

Regarding my skill level, as far as I know, we have never met in person. If I am mistaken in this, please let me know where we have met. Otherwise, as far as I can tell, you have no basis upon which to speak about my skill level, either as an individual or as a teacher. That being the case, so there can be no question, I invite you to come to my class and see for yourself. That is a standing open invitation. That is not an invitation to a fight but an invitation to come and legitimately train so you can see for yourself what I am actually about. Additionally, if you like, I can put you in touch with some of my students and fellow instructors and let you ask them privately how competent an instructor I am. If you are not willing to take me up on my offer, then please stop making baseless accusations.
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