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Re: Kotō Ryū Kata Kanji and Translation Request

Subject: Re: Kotō Ryū Kata Kanji and Translation Request
by Oniyama on 2010/2/14 15:21:13


Zenigata wrote:

Oniyama wrote:
I just wanted to post this to illustrate the issues with using an online kanji dictionary...

I think you need to search for kanji by radical rather than romanji.

I also find an old edition of "Beginners' Dictionary of Chinese-Japanese Characters with Commmon Abbreviations, Variants and Compounds" by Authur Ross-Innes very useful in finding the outdated kanji often used in the Bujinkan. Old copies of this dictionary are like gold

http://cgi.ebay.com/Beginners-Diction ... m1c1015a931#ht_500wt_1111

Thanks for the suggestion, Duncan. I'll look into that.
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