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Re: Kotō Ryū Kata Kanji and Translation Request Take 2 (this time without the flames and BS)

Subject: Re: Kotō Ryū Kata Kanji and Translation Request Take 2 (this time without the flames and BS)
by Oniyama on 2010/2/15 2:01:49


skuggvarg wrote:
If you are willing to willing to help, your kindness would be greatly appreciated and I will be willing to share with you the notes once they are compiled.

Dear Oniyama,
I dont think you should share your notes with people you do not know and trust. There is a risc someone will use them and spread false information. For the same reason I dont think you should ask for such complicated things over internet. What if I, for example, sent you detailed information about Koto Ryu with all the knaji translated and all the kata explained but deliberately falsefied the information? How would you know what to believe and what to discard. Better ask a reliable source you know or get to know one you can trust

Regards / Skuggvarg

Hello Skuggvarg,

As far as sharing notes goes, first, my offer to send what I had over to Duncan would have been sent privately, and not on the forum. Duncan was providing me with some useful suggestions. I did look over his web site and saw that he is a shihan in our system. Could he have falsified the information about himself on his web site? Sure, but I think that he would have been called out about it a long time ago. I did not get the sense that Duncan could not be trusted with such information.

As far as a risk of someone using my notes to spread intentionally false information, to what end would they do so. Do you really think that there is someone out there who is so bent on bringing harm to the Bujinkan that they would take my notes, rewrite them and publish them out on the web in the hope that some poor, unsuspecting person would find these fake notes and learn the kata wrong.? I'm sorry but I am just not that much of a conspiracy theorist. Now there may be a risk of inaccurate information being put out. I'll grant you that. Even so, anyone who has been around long enough (especially in the Bujinkan) knows that any information you get off the internet needs to be cross checked.

Now, as I have stated before on this thread, I am not publishing my notes out on the internet. I only provided them to my students and friends that train in the Bujinkan. I do feel that if someone where to help me with the Kanji and the translations that it would only be fair play that I would provide them with the notes as they helped me put them together. I do not think that this is unreasonable. Think about it for a minute. Let's say that you were to provide me with the kanji and translations. It would be pretty rude of me to say "thanks for the information but, too bad, you can't see what I did with it". The kind of person who would have that sort of specific information to share is likely a Bujinkan practitioner who already has their own kata notes.

You brought up the issue of risk. Risk implies that something bad could happen, in this case as a result of my notes falling into the wrong hands. I don't think that the Bujinkan is going to suddenly fall apart because my notes got leaked. If that were that case we'd be in pretty bad shape with all the videos and books Hatsumi-sensei as well as others have put out. So, Skuggvarg, what is the worst case scenario. Fill in the blank: "John Hidalgo shares his notes with another Bujinkan practitioner he met on Kutaki.org and then ___________ happens." Specifically, what are you afraid they might do with my notes?

Now I will say that I don't share my notes with non-Bujinkan practitioners, not because I am afraid that "The Society To Bring Harm To The Bujinkan" might get ahold of it and spread false information out into the world, but because I feel that someone needs to make a certain personal investment of time and effort in the Bujinkan before receiving that information. In other words, to get something from the art you should first give somethign to the art. Besides, for someone who had not trained in out system, my notes would read more like stereo instructions. For someone in the Bujinkan they would be a good suplment but could never take the place of working with a qualified instructor.

I hope that helps.
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