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Re: Gyoko Ryu Ichimonji

Subject: Re: Gyoko Ryu Ichimonji
by Unsubscribed on 2004/9/11 0:09:10


Kreth wrote:
I think that if you're trying to catch the feeling of a particular ryu-ha, Hatsumi-sensei is a bad example to try and imitate, in that he's beyond breaking things down to Gyokko Ryu or Koto Ryu, etc.


I respectfully disagree with this point. I believe that Hatsumi Sensei is the best example for us to follow when it comes to Bujinkan training. I find it to be an interesting paradox that because Hatsumi Sensei is so skilled at what he does that many people feel that his instruction doesn't have a place in their training. The paradox is made more mind boggling by the fact that we quote Hatsumi Sensei to illustrate the point that we are not yet ready to learn directly from Hatsumi Sensei. When it comes to Bujinkan training, it all goes back to Soke, so why in the world should we disregard his instruction in favor of someone else's watered down interpretation of that very same instruction. Granted, we will not necessarily grasp the depth or complexity of any given teaching at any given moment, but the sooner we begin the sooner we start getting that 'dirt time'.

Food analogies seem to be a tradition within the Bujinkan, so I'll give it a go. If one wants to experience that flavor of traditional Mexican food, one does not go to Taco Bell. One goes to Mexico, one goes to the source. The same is true of our Budo, we must go to the source for the full flavor of the Bujinkan, even though we may not yet be ready 'to whip up the recipes at home'.

This post moves away from the original direction of the thread, sorry I will limit any further posts to the main topic.

Thanks again for the opportunity to discuss such interesting topics.
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