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Re: Ishitani-sensei a menkyo holder in Togakure Ryu?

Subject: Re: Ishitani-sensei a menkyo holder in Togakure Ryu?
by adam on 2005/12/16 16:30:40

not sure if he has one for togakure ryu but he did know some form(s). Takamatsu-sensei learned it at 13, 4 years before he met Ishitani-sensei.
When O'Sensei Takamatsu was 17 years old, an old man by the name of Ishitani Matsutaro Takekage came to the match factory owned by Takamatsu's father. Ishitani was famous all over Japan for his martial arts. He was using an old oak bokken for a walking stick. Takamatsu's father gave Ishitani a job as security guard, and Ishitani was also given a small area of the factory to use as a Dojo. Takamatsu leapt at the chance to study under the old man. From him he learned the "Kuki Happo Biken no Jutsu". Ishitani also trained in various aspects of Ninjutsu and taught young Takamatsu aspects from several other schools of which he was also Soke. These were Hon Tai Takagi Yoshin Ryu (from which Takamatsu was already studying with Mizuta), Gikan Ryu Koppojutsu, and Shinden Muso Ryu.

On one occasion the sleeping area for the match factory workers caught on fire. As everyone ran around screaming, Takamatsu was observed to be smoking a cigar, watching the fire. He then got one of the thick gi training jackets, soaked it in water and put the jacket on. He grabbed a hanbo (3ft stick) and running into the burning area, started to knock down the sliding walls with the hanbo. The collapsing walls helped extinguish the flames, saving the rest of the factory. Ishitani is reputed to have watched Takamatsu as he ran about knocking down the walls and commented that he was truly a great martial artist. Ishitani died a few years later, just moments after passing the scrolls on to O'Sensei Takamatsu. It is said that he died with his head in O'Sensei Takamatsu's lap.
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