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Re: Kito Ryu Ten No Maki

Subject: Re: Kito Ryu Ten No Maki
by Yotsume on 2017/10/8 12:03:40

Takamatsu Sensei learned Kito Ryu in China from 大橋正明 Ōhashi Masaaki (one of his students that he taught in China who knew Kito Ryu and also taught at the Shinkoku/Nippon Seinen Butokukai ‘Manchurian/Japanese Youth Martial Arts Association’).

The Koshiki no Kata in Kodokan Judo are NOT the original techniques found in Kito Ryu. This is a very common mistake. They are EXERCISES based off of the principles of the techniques from one Kito Ryu scroll. The original techniques are much more realistic.

The Kito Ryu information contain in Sanmyaku comes from an old published book by Yokono Shizuji 横野鎮次. There were two editions of this book published in the Meiji period, one called Kitō Yūshin Hiden Jūjutsu 起倒雄心秘伝柔術 and published in Kobe in 1892 this seems to have been self published as no publisher is listed but the printer is listed as Oshima Yasunobu 大島安信; the other was called Jūjutsu Hiden Zukai 柔術秘伝図解 and published by the Shōbukan 尚武館 in Osaka in 1894.

The techniques described and illustrated in these two books are a sample of the original techniques of Kito Ryu and again are NOTHING like the Kodokan exercises of the Koshiki no Kata.

Kukishin Ryu has a connection to Kito Ryu when Kuki Nagato-no-Kami learned Kito Ryu from Takino Sadataka and created the branch: Kito Ryu Kuki-ha.

Both the Kukishin Ryu and Kito Ryu share a similar scroll. The Hontai no Maki. There are only small differences between the two in each Ryuha's version.

My old Jujutsu teacher Mike Depasquale Sr. learned a branch of Kito Ryu from Kiyose Nakae who had relocated to the United States. The techniques are again more like what you find in Sanmyaku and not in the Kodokan's altered versions.

For anyone interested in viewing the makimono of Kito Ryu there is a nice website here: http://bujutsu.jp/a18.html
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