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Re: how takamatsu sensei lost his eye...

Subject: Re: how takamatsu sensei lost his eye...
by teisatsu on 2006/11/17 11:09:55

Let’s think about this.

Takamatsu-sensei had a series of articles/interviews published in the 60’s (in the Mainichi Shinbun if memory serves) regarding his training. Some of these included references to past injuries. Hatsumi-sensei discussed some of these injuries in his books in the ‘80s and in the Bujin and Tetsuzan newsletters of the 80’s and 90’s. In fact, he specifically re-published Takamatsu-sensei’s newspaper articles. Now to the thinking part…

At the time Bujin and Tetsuzan were published, Hatsumi-sensei asked us to consider them a form of Densho. Bujin was designed to educate about traditional ninjutsu practice and Tetsuzan was geared toward contemporary practice. That being the case… does one include items in Densho that are of no training value? That’s ridiculous.

If you want something to be kept hush-hush, you keep your mouth shut. You do not publish that something in a newsletter of unrestricted distribution and advertise it’s availability in Black Belt magazine. Being that the latter was the case and not the former, I find it difficult to believe that Sensei considers this particular information sensitive or confidential. Nor can I imagine him losing a wink of sleep over someone asking for verification of it via Kutaki.

Now, in fairness, most people engaged in this discussion were not training when Bujin and Tetsuzan were in print as Duncan, Ed, James, and I were. It’s far better, I think, to give the person asking the question a better idea where they can find the most reliable information (as James did) than to claim that it should not be discussed and imply that it’s privileged information. It was freely given to all of us. No one has a greater entitlement to Hatsumi-sensei’s written word just because it was included in the Densho-du-Jour before others were training.

Duncan… I don’t get it. I have agreed with you at times in the past. I have respected your opinion on other occasions even when I didn’t agree with you. Neither of those is the case on this occasion. If you think things shouldn’t be discussed on the net… fine. That’s your perspective and you’re welcome to it. In fact, I agree in many cases. What I don’t understand is, why you continue to participate on an internet forum when you have such evident disdain for the medium. Given your recent vitriol, this can do nothing but agitate you. Maybe you should step away from the keyboard and have a beer… or better yet, as you’ve admonished others… train.

I have read/heard what Hatsumi-sensei has said about the internet. Fine. I understand his concern. However, the electronic written word is no more accessible than the bound written word. And in cases where Takamatsu-sensei and Hatsumi-sensei had/have no qualms publishing information, I see no need for us to avoid those previously published topics on the net.
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