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Re: Did Ueshiba Sensei train Kukishinden Ryu?

Subject: Re: Did Ueshiba Sensei train Kukishinden Ryu?
by po7734 on 2007/7/10 18:52:33

There is some information about possible connections between Kukishin-ryu and Aikido in Wolfgang Ettig's biography about Takamatsu Toshitsugu-sensei:


According to the book, Ueshiba-sensei had some contact with the Kuki family, which seemed to be primarily concerned with religious activities.

I believe Mr. Ettig came to a similar conclusion as many here; namely, that if Ueshiba-sensei did in fact train with Takamatsu-sensei (they almost certainly met on a number of occasions), he didn't incorporate much that is recognizable from Kukishin-ryu into his Aikido.
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