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led light manufacturers

Subject: led light manufacturers
by antypeak on 2014/5/13 17:03:36

LED light string as high-tech products, which can be widely used on the following fields: architecture, landscape, environment, bridges, stadiums and airports, municipal lighting;
• Schools, hospitals, old buildings, churches, and the MyLED.com discount company's architectural lighting;
• exhibitions, concerts and fashion show event lighting;
• hotels, resorts, restaurants, cruise ships and lighting spa;
• mall, store design, displays and other retail lighting;
• Ground, water features, fountains, swimming pools and spas landscape lighting;
• theater, television studios, film sets, dance and photography stage lighting;
• exhibitions, planetarium, zoo, aquarium LED Lamp and museum exhibit and teaching of lighting;LED string lights can be used effectively to enhance any dull spaces or corners. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be made to suit the theme of your party to a great effect. Festivals and occasions have their own favorites and a huge variety to choose from. In fact they will leave you spoilt for choice. The best thing about LED string light is that they are cool to touch. They also provide simpler maneuverability and flexibility. All this make them easier to handle than other lighting options which get heated up fast.
1. LED net lights
LED net lights festive lighting products that LED bulb connect LED with the wire to a mesh which is suitable for large areas of wall decoration, ceiling lighting layout. Our LED lights can be made into a square mesh LED net lights, round LED net lights, U-shaped LED net lights, LED net lights triangular, V-shaped LED net lights, LED net lights and variety of shapes. With a controller, it can produce dimming, flash chase, chase around water and other effects.2. LED curtain light3. LED Ice
Ice LED bulbs is connected together by several different groups of strings LED lights. When with the controller, it can realize flashing, chasing and other effects. The shape that hanging under the eaves which is modeled on the northern ice hanging down gesture, that flashing effect lead you to approach the ice world, to create a realistic LED Flashlight environment and atmosphere of Christmas.
We can do a loop; two-loop and four-loop Ice LED light, with controller, it can produce flashing, chasing, and gradients eight functional effect.4. double-loop LED strings light
LED stars lights are composed of the MyLED extended wishful LED string, with an external controller; it can achieve the effect of a variety of flashing lights change.5 single circuit LED light strings
single circuit LED string lights is a steady lighting type, which cannot extend and there is variety of colors to choose from.
use double insulation structure, each one wire, each wire connectors are double insulated to ensure safe and reliable.
With water treatment, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, which is safe and reliable? anty881209wong 140513

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