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Re: chihaya furu...

Subject: Re: chihaya furu...
by Unsubscribed on 2005/3/2 6:18:36


Shizen wrote:
Question 1) "Chihayaburu" - is it "buru" instead of "furu" as a matter of euphonious pronunciation, much like "kata" becomes "gata" after certain words, etc.?



Question 2) "'とこしえ' can be written as '永久' or '永遠', too."

Is there much difference between the two alternatives? My dictionary has the same definition/translation for both. If they are synonymous, then I think I'd stick with the first one - smaller stroke count! - though I see that one can also be pronounced, "towa" & "eikyuu" in addition to "tokoshie" & the other shows only "eien" for pronunciation.

As you like.


Question 3) is the "ran" part at the end of mi-o mamoru some kind of conjugation verb change? I can't find 'mamoruran' in my dictionary, and I don't know grammar well enough to know what "ran" at the end of words mean.

For a while I thought it was for 乱, but that didn't make sense given its position in the sentence.

Find "ramu", an auxiliary verb. Don't forget that this is NOT modern Japanese.


Question 4) John Walker: "Does this originate from a single ryu-ha? Or is it from no ryu-ha at all?"

I think I saw someone mention that it may be from Kumogakure Ryu, though it seems like a generic (no offense) Buddhist prayer to me. Any new info yet on its origin?

I have no idea.
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