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Re: chihaya furu...

Subject: Re: chihaya furu...
by luisfdoh on 2010/8/5 2:43:21

Thank you Shawn for enlighten my research :)now this gaijin understand a little bit more :) . Honestly I haven't heard about this phrase in the pass, but I was wondering what Hatsumi Sensei and some other Shihans do with the hands before the Shiken haramitsu .... and I notice they had like a little pray at the same time, well, when I read the Stewart Duncan Shihan's post about this phrase it impacts me and I decide to read about it as much as I can; but anyway, after I read the links you placed I understand that I can not skip the regular logical steps and I have to wait until somebody teach me that, probably the time did not arrive yet. (crawl, walk, run that's all about)

Thanks again.
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