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by GothMantis on 2003/4/4 4:20:54

I recall Hatsumi Sensei once wrote an extended piece on just the word, "shikin". He pointed out that shikin could mean "the epicenter of an earthquake" or "place in which something originates". He mentioned that during taijutsu training, a shikin could originate from the cochlea or inner ear, when the rhythm of true combat has entered the person.

He seemed to be outlining a sort of satori "sudden enlightenment" as they call it in the Zen tradition. I recall one Zen parable where the student and master were having a fierce debate. The master was standing on a balcony, and the student was standing on the ground below. The master suddenly leapt off the balcony to land on the student and broke both of the student's legs. At that moment, so the story goes anyway, the student attained enlightenment.
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