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Re: Kyudo within the nine schools
Just Passing Through
2011/1/3 19:08
From Slovenija
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Since I'm interested in this topic as well I can share what I know.
It's sure that Kukishinden ryu have Kyujutsu in it's curriculum (caled Shajutsu 騎射術). I know since my teacher Ishizuka Sensei showed me the Densho. There is 16 Shajutsu techniques in Kukishin ryu.

Next, I also saw Gyokko ryu Makimono where at the end was explaind Kyujutsu 弓術 of this ryu-ha including with explanation of the Yumi itself (it's asymmetrical Hankyu). I was even lucky enough that Hatsumi Sensei showed me this Yumi in one occassion. I'm not 100% sure but I belive it's the same Yumi as in History & tradition book.

There is also Kyujutsu in Togakure ryu and 3 techniques of this ryu-ha you can see on the pick in the new book Ninpo Taizen page 199 (left hand, right hand & horizontal shooting). Just this year I was lucky enough that Soke, during lunch with him, explained way of shooting. And belive me it's just opposite of how 'normal Kyudo' are done. I know since quite for some time I'm doing Heki ryu Insai-ha Kyujutsu.

If rest of the ryu-ha use Yumi I don't know nothing about.

I hope it helps and can be a starting point for your further research.

Andrej J.

Posted on: 2014/9/2 16:32
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