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Healthcare jobs in Japan
Occasional Visitor
2006/5/23 2:14
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 6
Hi...could anyone please lend me some perspective on the job prospects for gaijin healthcare professionals in Japan? Specifically for nurses and general medical practitioners. My fiancé is an RN - specialising in mental health, but also qualified in general medical nursing; I'm still a med student. How good would the prospects really be for a nurse with little to no Japanese and a medical practitioner with not much better Japanese and only internship experience?

Actually, my undergrad degree was in languages, though majoring in Italian, I did study up to 2nd year Japanese (not much at all) and did an exchange program in Japan, so I might be able to catch up a little.

However, to make things more difficult, or perhaps easier, my fiancé doesn't want to work as a nurse in a foreign country (understandable), but refuses to work in a job that isn't relevant to her training. She worked as a medical assistant in a German owned English speaking private practice in Italy for some time while I was studying. Could a similar position possibly be arranged in Japan? Btw, please don't think I'm forcing her, she does want to go too.

Regardless, it won't be for 2 years at least anyway, but these things need some preparation.

Ben the troyster Troy

Posted on: 2006/6/3 22:46
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Re: Healthcare jobs in Japan
Active Kutakian
2003/11/12 12:10
村民 :: Villager
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Hi Ben,
I looked into this while in Japan myself and there are some issues. To work in a Japanese licensed setting you have to have a 1st kyu pass in Japanese - quite a high standard.
There are however some jobs available with the American bases and I think also at their embassy. I don't know about other embassies (the Australian one is not worth anything to anybody though) so check them out too.

Posted on: 2006/6/4 22:05
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