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Very simple question
I'm sorry if this seems like a stupid question, but I was wondering if the Bujinkan tie their belts a certain way? If so, how?

Posted on: 2008/3/25 12:00
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Re: Very simple question
Permanent Village Fixture
2003/7/5 15:45
From Toronto/Waterloo, Canada Eh!
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 339
Hi Yuri,

I don't think you'll get a 'written in stone' answer to your question. And if I am wrong I hope someone more knowledgeable will correct me. But in my limited experience I have not seen a FORMAL method for tying an obi, most are not very formal in such things.

I have seen 2 basic methods (starting in the middle, or starting on one end and wrapping twice around) as well as a method for tying when wearing a sword.

I would suggest that you make use of your resources b4 posting on kutaki, most are more willing to answer if you have shown the effort to research yourself. There is a video on youtube of an instructor showing how to tie an obi, you also have google and other resources at your disposal.

I hope this is what you were looking for & that if I am wrong I will be corrected.

Posted on: 2008/3/25 15:17
"Take this with a grain of salt, hell salt to taste"
“He who seeks knowledge begins with humbleness”, Buju Banton
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Re: Very simple question
Kutaki Postmaster
2004/7/22 0:43
From DC, USA
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There is also the method of folding the belt in half then putting the two ends through the loop and tucking in so that it can be quickly removed and used as a rope-like weapon. Like Hatsumi's unconventional sword methods, there are ninja ways to do things.

Posted on: 2008/3/27 4:31
-Steven Schmidt
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Re: Very simple question
Frequent Visitor
2006/12/14 7:34
From Canada
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I was never taught how to tie my belt "Bujinkan" style so I just tie it the way I did at the past martial art I practiced.

Some people tuck the dangling ends of the belt back into itself so they're harder to manipulate - "belt flossing" should be a kihon.

Posted on: 2008/6/4 3:13
James Dodds III
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