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Re: Another Ninjutsu organization in South America?
Village Old Timer
2004/12/21 19:52
From Dayton, Ohio
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 884

Blue Moon! But I'm always will to try new things!


Posted on: 2009/4/26 16:32
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Re: Another Ninjutsu organization in South America?
Cant Stay Offline
2003/8/1 23:57
From Hamina, Finland
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師導士会 :: Shidoshikai
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jwills79 wrote:

I forgot. Every I time you post on a public forum it becomes public record and information for all to use. So unless someone is lying about something you said then you can't stop people from quoting you, using you as a source or an example. Don't want to be quoted then don't comment. It's that simple. Even those who close their accounts on forums can still find their comments there. Right, Ghost cat?

There will always be some kind of confusion when you are communicating in a second language. I expect it when using Japanese or any other language I attempt to use.

Oh, don't worry, I think I'm quite familiar with the use of netwritten word.

However, I am not agreeing with you about the way you use my message as "providing [back up]" for your point, when all I did was quote yet another internet source.

Maybe my message can be used as back up for the point that the message I quote is not self explatory to all readers, but not providing [back up] for your point as you use it on the message.

Do you see the difference, or is it again my non-native language skills that makes me see things in a wrong light?

So, to recap, you are naturally free to quote me, but when it's done in a way that's bending the words then I feel I must follow up on it.

Make sense?

With respect,

Posted on: 2009/4/27 0:29
Ari Julku
Bujinkan Ōari Dōjō
(Bujinkan Budōka since 1985)
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Re: Another Ninjutsu organization in South America?
2009/4/18 21:51
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 51

Nicky690 wrote:

Don seems to be a gifted amateur historian from what I have seen from his writing and discussions. If I recall from his ?MySpace? page he has a BA in the material and seems pretty serious about it. Plus he speaks and reads Japanese.

I know what you are trying to say, and I know how someone with your background would understand the importance of certain things. However, I just do not feel easy with anything that could even possibly be used as an "appeal to authority" logical fallacy. You either have the stuff to back up what you say, or not. Even the most learned person may not have learned anything about an obscure part of a subject. I just do not like the idea.

At the same time, it does take some background to understand a lot of stuff. I find that for every sentence I write quoting a Japanese source, I need about three or four more to explain why it is important. That is why I listed four books that I thought people who are interested in the matter should read. The Nakajima book deals the least with the Togakure ryu, but even it fills in a lot of background on how things were transmitted. It probably is not enough to explain the details of a very complex situation, but I can hardly see how I could get people to understand without pulling stuff from each of the four books.

I have seen things that few others seemed to realize were very important points, and I have also seen things that a lot of people thought was very important but because I had knowledge of other things realized is was just a firecracker in a hurricane. Take a look at the stuff about how Hatsumi is considering something that will allow the next head of the Bujinkan to get more of his stuff. All the people, inside or outside the Bujinkan, who have had experience with Japanese inheritance laws didn't bat an eye, but a whole lot of folks that have never even been here screamed like it was the end of the world.

My biggest gift, I feel, is my ability to help others understand. I can take stuff that might not seem important and put it together with other relevant things to make a whole picture for others to understand. Too many people try to go straight into ninjutsu history instead of looking at the whole picture. That is why I take great interest in the name of the the guy who left with Daisuke Nishina but most do not give it another thought.

I just do not want to put too much out there when I know there are people who will twist things for their own purposes. I have seen it happen time and time again with even the best sources. If someone really wants to push their own view of things, there seems nothing that you can do to stop them from putting together a credible sounding argument based on what you wrote, but totally without substance or merit. I also dislike the idea that some people want answers, but won't even put in time to do their own research and read things I say will help them understand.

There may be a book in English at the end of the year that deals with the stuff in the four books I said people should read if they really have an honest interest in the matter. If it does not, I may do something at that point. I have enough to deal with right now. Until then, the logical start is with each of the four books or just wait until more information comes available in English.

Posted on: 2009/4/27 0:46
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Re: Another Ninjutsu organization in South America?
Active Kutakian
2005/11/5 6:54
From Vancouver, WA
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 148

Posted on: 2009/4/29 7:32
Phil Smith

"But if you have someone who is in great need and you are still stron
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Re: Another Ninjutsu organization in South America?
Just Passing Through
2009/12/10 6:55
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 1
watashi no namae desu, Cordero Orlando

Tsushima Nishi Sasori Isao no Uchi Deshi to Juku Gashira.

sumimasen, Watashi wa inglhis hanashimasem.

watashitachi no email desu.
Tahien Arigato Gosaimashita.

Cordero Orlando
コルデロ オルランド
Nishi Isao Sensei No Juku Gashira
Hontai saiga ryu Nishi Kai No Menkyo Kaiden
本體雜賀 流 西会忍法の免許皆伝

Anatagata no Email doozo

Posted on: 2009/12/10 7:23
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