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Re: A nice account of wisdom
Kutaki Postmaster
2006/11/30 18:54
From 埼玉県、春日部市、日本
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 188
This is hard with using plain language :() but I think everyone will get the small points.

"There is more to kukan than people think"
seems like a contradiction to me....there are no deeper meanings, labels are just labels and are meaningless.

There is no contradiction;you are level confusing. I am talking about kukan as the “relationship” between uke and tori, and I am not talking about the multiple “deep” meanings of the word I am talking about the object or in this case relationship between objects. It is one thing to talk about a meaning and another thing to use the word to refer to an object. Words become meaningless when they fail to refer to the objects or relationships. (But, this is another subject)

When you look at an abstract painting what do you see? Why do you like it? Do you see something in the expression or is it just a collection of blended colors and shapes? Its Ok if we don't ever agree, but I am curious what you get out of one non-linear expression that you don't from another.

Visual art is one thing written art is another… As far as non-linear thinking it is fine when there is justification for your beliefs (if it is like mere amusing yourself with words like a paint brush then I would say it is indeed beautiful, and I also enjoy several poets as well… E.E. Cummings, Basho, and Phillip Whalen, and many Beat poets…) But, I am careful not to go to far with my interpretations, basically I don’t add stuff beyond what is presented with the story- I don’t create a back story or add personality not eluded to by the writer, or add elements to describe the world the writer provides. When I do I have STRONG JUSTIFICATIONS FOR SUCH BELIEFS.

Then why do Japanese change their names when they get older...how bout the tradition of warrior names...Why give have names at all?

Not all Japanese do, and honestly you have gone way beyond what was being discussed…
Besides I already said that it was interesting, but there still is no causal relationship between a proper name and a personality. “Hitler does not automatically equal mean Evil” or your warrior name has “no causal connection” to your abilities or personality but is kind of cool either way. Names refer to objects and sometimes are meaningful, but when they fail to refer they can become meaningless.

As an artist, I am used to approaching things from a different angle than the average person. I am not insane, but I do admit to being on the eccentric side.

That is fine for creating art, but for creating knowledge, it will be a poor practice… And, which average person, think about if someone is average that 50 percent are worst and better then that person.  But, the wrong “angle” which you approach a runway can lead a crash.  Just a joke. I am beginning to have difficulties in describing the notion in plain language.

Don't you think the name ogawa big/small river comes from something? Probably the area they were born had a river big or small or the town was named because of the river and the child recieved the name because of that. When I name a pet, I name them based on personality. You think that it is wacko? Meaning is meaning. life doesn't require consensus to have meaning. Really, niether does wisdom. You could be the one wise person in a sea of dolts, wwould you be less wise because nobody else could understand?

How is the historical significance of the name Ogawa helpful or meaningful to say understanding Mrs. Ogawa? Regardless, from where the name comes from… And… It only reveals where the name comes from and not the person. And also a lot of people changed their names after the Meji restoration and everything else is speculation?

Meaning is meaning… Ok consider the following a=a if meaning is meaning but two people disagree with what meaning means! Then it seems either one or both people is mistaken about the meaning of the word meaning, or meaning is not meaning a≠a.

Also yellow is really yellow - if we reduce yellow to sense data or perceptions, and further reducing them as a certain range of the wavelengths of visible light under certain conditions x.

But, if you say that yellow is something else I would have no clue… You can look at things from different angles… but if you try to tell me that yellow is say red… I would caste you out into the desert with other madman…( you would have great company though - - - being an artist that you are I kind of want you to be mad.  ) This is also what I mean by meaningless? Without getting to technical.

life doesn't require consensus to have meaning. Really, niether does wisdom. You could be the one wise person in a sea of dolts, wwould you be less wise because nobody else could understand?

I am not sure but an interesting question. Wisdom I would say requires some Normativity but consensus, probably not – and probably for different reasons than your line of thinking but good question.

Basically, I am just saying be careful of adding to much and trying to find meaning in everything… Some things are just meaningless. Or there is nothing more than a shallow meaning or non-deep meaning.

Posted on: 2007/5/24 15:17
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