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working in japan
Village Old Timer
2004/2/15 11:25
From oz
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 576
i often read about people working in japan, teaching or working in business etc. it is my understanding that a degree is required for the above. not being a learned man,believe it or not .

i was wondering what chance if any there would be for a degreeless carpenter to work in japan, who also knows no japanese apart from a few dojo phrases.

anybody know of anybody in a similar predic.


Posted on: 2004/7/25 1:53
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Re: working in japan
Hi Dazaa,

Ok, depending on your age you can get a 1 year working holiday visa from the Japanese embassy. You can always stay 3 months as a tourist and thats easy to extend to 6 months once your in the country at the immigration office (but your not allowed to work).

You dont need a degree if you have 10 years experience in the field you work in. However then you do need a sponsor in te work field that is willing to sponsor you. If you make more then 280.000 yen a month you dont need any of this and can sponsor yourself, but that means you need to prove you make in excess of this amount.

once you have a visa you dont need to stay with the sponsoring company and for the duration of your visa can work anywhere you want.

Alternativly you can marry a Japanese girl...


Posted on: 2004/7/25 2:22
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