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Re: walking taijutsu and shizen tai
Kutaki Postmaster
2003/3/23 14:32
From Honolulu
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 172

MrFranco wrote:
Some martial arts don't walk! Take Kendo for instance. Their footwork tends to slide/step without ever walking. It's importand to keep in mind that taking what Musashui calls "In/Yo(Yin/Yang)" stepping is important. Basically right-left-right-left...is the way to gain position to win.

Every step should have meaning or purpose. Also, have stablity and flexiblity when walking.

Taihenjutsu training will develope nimbleness in your footwork. This is very important!

"Shizen Tai" means natural body. Walk Naturally so that your movement isn't contrived.

With that in mind, I had a kenjutsu teacher show me how to walk more with more hip action rather then my feet. I focus on that sometimes when I am out and about walking, it takes a focused effort to make it second nature as it is hard to change the habit of walking with my feet. I notice I feel like I am more balanced and in control. My shoulders stay more level and there is not as much pressure/wearing out of my calves. Who knows, maybe that old guy is nuts but it seems to work for me.

Posted on: 2004/9/9 18:57
Christopher Moon
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Re: walking taijutsu and shizen tai
Village Old Timer
2004/2/15 11:25
From oz
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 576
i remember joji advising me when i'm out and about in daily life, to try and cleanly(not jerky skip steps, or to freeze(?)) move around them, when people unexpectedly walk in front of your path etc. i try it all the time, its really hard i think, probably 'too many mind' on my part

i try to walk the asain way too, ie. low center of gravity and moving through the knees, head level etc.

in the army reserves, they taught me the exact opposite though, really striding it out using the hips and swinging your arms (t a b ing)

sokes way is easier on the shins!

Posted on: 2004/9/9 23:19
darren stewart

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