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Shidoshikai Forum Access
村長 :: Sonchou
2003/1/24 17:34
From Chiba, Japan
村長 :: Admin
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 1546
As previously announced would happen, scans of 2003 membership cards are required as of today for Shidoshikai Forum access. People who have not sent in their scans have been removed as of this post. Actually, the best way to process things was to remove access for everyone, and then add back in those users who have sent me 2003 card scans.

However, most people who sent me their card scans did not include their Kutaki username. This makes the process of re-adding these people back into the Shidoshikai Forum very tedious, as I have to manually look up the username from the real name and then make the addition individually for every user.

I am going to re-add those people who included their Kutaki username with their card scans. If you haven't done so, please re-email me with the following:

* Real Name
* Kutaki username
* card scan attached, if possible.

If you don't have your card scan anymore, then please make sure you email me from the same address that you used to send me the card scan in the first place.

I apologize to those people who will lose forum access despite having applied for their 2003 Honbu cards and not having received them yet, but I announced that the forum would be reset back at the end of last year. In order to be fair to everyone, I have to apply the same rules and revoke access for anyone that I haven't received a card for - no exceptions, sorry...

Thank you,


Posted on: 2003/4/2 0:06
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