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Bujinkan Ryushin Doncaster Dojo...Where's it gone???
Occasional Visitor
2003/2/4 8:51
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 7
Recently I was going to up root and move city to a nearby one (Doncaster, England) where there was a dojo there which had been recommended on these forums before their untimely death (of which they seem to have thankfully recovered ).

However, when i decided to go there to check various things to do with not only the dojo but also jobs's/accomodation that i'd need, i found something interesting, the dojo's GONE! It's still listed on Bujinkan Kabuto Shimen's lists for the UK and they're not that out of date.

When I actually reached the address of the dojo it turned out to be a small (very small) terraced house that bore no signs whatsoever of being anything other than an ordinary home, having checked the whole city for other location's they may have moved too such as the martial arts center etc... (found them to be mainly doing chinese based arts other than the once a week judo class, with no bujinkan so was a dead end), all locations came up blank :(, and looked rather as if they'd just dissapeared in a puff of smoke .

Anyway, I figured that before I decide upon choosing to move somewhere else (if your going to move across half the country for this anyway then you really have free reign to go anywhere for it other than london, can't even start to afford living there :) ) I'd post here to see if perhaps there's anyone who know's what's happened to them, as i mentioned, it was on Kutaki before that they were recommended as being good (the main reason for wanting to get to them really).

The contact for the dojo was Shidoshi Keith Wedgwood.

The web addy and email listed on kabuto also don't work and I've not been able to get an answer for the phone, they have, quite literally...VANISHED!

Posted on: 2003/2/4 9:12
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Re: Bujinkan Ryushin Doncaster Dojo...Where's it gone???
Just Passing Through
2003/3/16 6:48
From uk
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 3
did you knock at the door my contact no is

Posted on: 2003/3/16 7:04
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