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Re: surprised
Just Passing Through
2005/8/20 4:19
From Denmark
村民 :: Villager
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Hi everyone,

First off: I´m new here (just registered like half an hour ago) so bear with me

I had a similar experience a couple of years ago. A Friend and I were at a party and later on went to go to a disco. On our way (in our hometown) we had an urgent need to take a p*ss (I´m not sure how else to put it) as we had a few beers earlier on. As we were standing there in a small alley, a couple of big fellows walked past on the other side of the street. They saw us and yelled something like: "look at those two homosexuals" (not the correct word, but I will not post the more correct version they used).. and since I was a little drunk and took it all for fun, yelled back something like: "yeah, you want to snag?" and smiled.. That was not a desireable answer for them to hear, so they immediately went ballistic and ran towards us. The first guy grabbed me by the throat and put me up agains a nearby wall - the other guy came up and slapped me in the face, and they were both using some very fine words, which I can´t remember now. But somehow I managed to talk them into ease - though still mad they went away. During all this my friend (with no martial arts experience) was standing a few feet away and apparently his adrenaline was raging in his body (so he told me) and said to me: "if they were beginning to beat the sh*t out of you, I would´ve jumped them". And then we laughed at the whole ting and went on to the disco

I´m not sure what my point here is (if so, perhaps "the pen is mightier than the sword"?), but just thought I would share a little story alike the previous with you all

Posted on: 2005/8/20 5:07
Uffe K.

"You must unlearn what you have learned" ~ Yoda
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