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Tick... Tick...
村長 :: Sonchou
2003/1/24 17:34
From Chiba, Japan
村長 :: Admin
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 1546
Some people asked about how my New Years was as opposed to my Christmas. Well, it just so happens that I wrote a poem about New Years as well...


To the South of Sulawesi
From Jakarta in the West
lies a lovely little island
where I took a New Year rest

The trip down from Narita
was a 7-hour flight
getting me to Denpasar in time
to spend the year-end night

The dinner was spectacular
the music and the dancing too
just stay the #### away from me
with your bombs and the bird flu

Everyone's car is a taxi
- every neighbour's, every friend's
Endless barter for rupiah
or better yet, Japanese yen

New Years' Day spent at the poolside
soaking up Balinese sun
alternating between pool and beach
and bottles of Bintang

They all complain of lagging business
"Where have the tourists all gone to?"
They've stayed the #### away
'cause of the bombs and the bird flu!

From Denpasar to Sanur
a sunset at Legian
then headed up to Ubud jungles
in a quickly-moving van

The yoga done at Bagus Jati
was a highlight of the trip
Surya Namaskar and Asanas
stretched me from toe to fingertip

The quiet relaxation
almost too good to be true
just keep your ####ing distance with
those bombs and the bird flu

Running amok in Monkey Forest
grey-haired simians frolic free
ne'er to shy to grab bananas
and not just one - but two or three

Bartering for omiyage
where the winding roadway bends
Eating spicy Indonesian
and thus my great vacation ends

So glad I made it back home safely
though its so cold I'm turning blue
At least I managed to avoid
those ####ing bombs and the bird flu

Hope everyone else had a safe and happy New Year as well! Best wishes for 2006,


PS: New Year edition of Kutaki no Ha podcast should be out tomorrow...

Posted on: 2006/1/8 9:50
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Re: Tick... Tick...
村長 :: Sonchou
2003/4/16 1:18
From Budapest - Hungary
村民 :: Villager
議長 :: Mod
村長 :: Admin
Posts: 395
WHOOOAAAA!!! NOW I feel really envious!
It sounds like you had a real fun!

Posted on: 2006/1/8 20:57
Eva Barbara Bodogan
Bujinkan Kagami Dojo
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