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Village Old Timer
2004/12/21 19:52
From Dayton, Ohio
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 884
There are many approaches to learning the Ryu-Ha. I know shihan who feel that there is no reason whatever to study the specific schools. They would say just learn the body movements and you only need to know the history if you have an interest in that area. Others would say that you must have a fundemental understanding of the history and specifics of each school to understand our art. I have been very lucky to have been taught by both and I feel both approaches are correct.

Personally I did not worry too much about the individual schools until well after I was a black belt, and getting ready to start thinking about becoming a Godan. I have to say that for me it has helped to know the individual kata and specifics of the schools - mostly for when I go to Japan. When taking my "useless" notes, it is easier to know from what point they are starting from.

Just as there are fighters and thinkers in our school, there are movers and historians. Anything that enriches your learning can't be bad.

As Yamazu has suggested, if you have a teacher you are working with, take their approach. However, if you have decided to stop learning from your teacher - as others have done, why train at all?


Posted on: 2006/2/24 10:35
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Re: Individual Ryu-ha
Just Passing Through
2005/2/25 14:14
From Quebec
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 3
I know that there are some Shihan that have Menkyo Kaiden in some ninjutsu skills. I think that there are two or tree people that have Menkyo Kaiden in Amatsu Tatara and I know for sure that Arnaud Cousergue (Shihan from France) has a menkyo kaiden in Tachi Waza, check out the link... http://www.bujinkan-france.net/bjk/ar ... r_recherche=menkyo+kaiden


Posted on: 2006/3/10 2:58
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