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Re: My 1 cent
Seems my post did not go through so I will try again to remember what I wrote and sorry if this does appear twice.Hatsumi Sensei had passed down to him a real combat art that has stood the test of time and remained true to its founding concepts.I would expect that he would want to pass this on to the next generation (be it the one true person or otherwise)with the same level of truth and skill/s as it was given to him.My next point is MHO and I would not dare to say I spoke for or know what Soke is thinking in my wildest dreams. I would say that Soke knows that what we see from our doors and windows everyday is not the real world but only what appears to be real to us as we see it atm.At some point in time (be it 1day or 10000 years)the world as we know it will turn back the clock to become the real world again.In this world we will have to survive with only our own abilitys to sustain us.The old saying of world war 3 will be fought with Nukes and world war 4 with sticks and stones will make my point clearer I think. All civilization fall sooner or later and as we live in a world that will support mans needs but not his greeds at some point in time we will find ourselves living in the real world again.that is why I think we have a duty to learn and pass on the one truth and true gift we have been given. As long as there is A Soke of our art in this world with a true heart, there will always be a body of people in this world flying the flag of the true human spirit on matter what is falling down around their ears.

Posted on: 2003/6/28 13:32
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Re: Why?
Frequent Visitor
2003/7/4 19:39
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 14
I personally like studying the Bujinkan not particularly because of the history ( although I do like the history) but rather for the fact that it is such and effective means of self preservation. Ive been invloved in many martial arts, and the Bujinkan is my pick for fighting ( self-defense of course). Thats my main reason for training, probably alot of other's reasons as well, I would think..

Posted on: 2003/9/8 16:13
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Re: Why?
Honorary Villager
2003/9/6 23:38
From Finland
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 38
I'll tell you why, it's because you can use the skills you have learned with the old weapons with some newer weapons. You can use all the techniques with almost any weapon you want. Even though you don't carry a hanbo with you, you can still use the same technique with a stick. You can modify any of the techniques, with a modern weapon. Like for example tanto techniques can be used with a knife, and bo techniques with a broom, and hanbo techniques with any stick you find on the ground, and shuriken throwing can be used to throw anything that is flat. You get my point? That is what we are being taught, and that is what makes the art so interesting. Am I right, or am I right? :D

Posted on: 2003/9/13 16:52
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