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Re: Nr19
Frequent Visitor
2005/11/26 1:24
From Omaha, NE
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 22
Shawn if you need some help with the modules let me know, I would gladly lend my services.

in exchange for Kutaki of course :D

Posted on: 2006/5/6 0:22
[url=http://www.ericmiller.name][b][color=3366FF]Eric Miller[/co
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Re: Nr19
Just Passing Through
2003/2/3 14:57
From Sacramento, CA USA
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 3
Hey Shawn ...

I can only speak for myself, but I would so much rather have audio only podcasts than no podcasts at all. In all seriousness though, I find that I dont have much time to watch the vid clips on the other podcasts I subscribe to, and am usually multi-tasking anyway when I am listening to them. Just food for thought for you as you continue to develop these amazing tools that keep our community bound together so well. Hmmm ... flattery may not get me very far, but perhaps it will get me an episode #20 before the summer is out???

btw ... thanks for getting my message through to Andrew! I very much appreciate it

Posted on: 2006/5/10 5:56
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Re: Nr19
村長 :: Sonchou
2003/1/24 17:34
From Chiba, Japan
村長 :: Admin
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 1546
Hi guys,

I have gotten back into working on #20 and its almost ready. I have all the video clips that I needed to assemble, and am now in the process of putting in the audio narration. Thing is that iMovie on my iBook doesn't seem to like it (memory limitations?), so after over an hour of continual crashes the other day I've gone back to using Audacity on Windows to record the audio and convert to mp3, then transfer the mp3 file to the iBook, then import the mp3 into the iMovie project... perhaps you feel my frustration? :)

Almost done, give me a few more days... Then yes, we will go back to plain audio format and can hopefully have more regular episodes. But please also remember that I do this in my spare time between work, dojo, other Kutaki stuff, and other 'real life' duties, and that even to make a 30 minute audio-only episode takes up about 4 to 5 hours of my time. (Planning music, arranging a time to meet interviewees, actually meeting and interviewing them, planning the flow/order of the episode, actually recording and editing, adding the XML code to the podcast feed, uploading the mp3 file, etc. etc.)

I'm really happy that people have been enjoying the podcasts and will continue to do the best I can with them, with due consideration for time constraints imposed by things that are, in reality, more important.



Posted on: 2006/5/11 0:01
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