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Lessons from the Farm
Kutaki Postmaster
2006/11/30 18:54
From 埼玉県、春日部市、日本
村民 :: Villager
Posts: 188
Here is what I learned on the farm.

The summer before I left for Japan, I was living and working on the family dairy farm once again. Well, on this farm we had a farm hand (Old Mc`donald).
This cow hand had over 40 years experience with cows, so you would assume he knew a thing about cows and how they behaved, since he had been raising and milking cows everyday, twice a day for 40 years.
Well during the summer we put a new parlor in in which the cows were not used to and needless to say we had a little difficulty, some went in fine others were a little stubborn, but all were a little nervous. We moved them one by one sometimes needing a cattle prod here or there or a nice swat on the rear to get them moving.
As time went on they went in without much need for the "positive" reinforcement, however this cow hand with over 40 years of experience continued to hit the animals in which I would simply go over and tap them with my hand on there rear leg and say let`s go and they moved on down. Even on days when I was alone in the barn, I easily got all of the 200 cows into the parlor and milked with little to no problems. A few days went by and he was still having issues getting the cows in, he then became more violent and began beating the cows for no reason as they are easily moved down which I had already demonstrated to him.
I finally got fed up and the last time he struck a cow I yelled at him saying " Stop beating the "F@#$ing cows, I don`t beat you for being stubborn, you ..." In which case he stopped and huffed a bit.

Here is what I learned, mere exposure or experience of something for a long time does not necessarily mean that one has wisdom or knowledge of that particular thing.

And, two students need a little cattle prod in the beginning when they get out of line... In other words correct thier mistakes swiftly and early, until they don`t need to be corrected any longer.

Posted on: 2007/5/6 22:19
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