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Re: Hehehe...
Cant Stay Offline
2003/6/13 23:29
From Pennsylvania, USA
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Marty, I completely agree!! The one that must make the evaluation is alway you yourself. If you want a good choice then you go to proven experts and ask their opinion, but it only is one more input for you to make your own decision.

Posted on: 2007/8/18 2:43
Ed Martin aka Papa-san
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Re: Why a "group" or "organization" exists
Active Kutakian
2005/11/5 6:54
From Vancouver, WA
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Papa-san wrote:
So many times we see the differing of opinion within groups expressed in antagonistic ways. Why? A group or organization only comes into existance because there is need to work together in order to accomplish both the groups goals and the individual's goals within the group. So why the heavy antagonism?

I would like to know what the groups goals are.

Is the antagonism deserved? Is it a projection of the reader onto the writer? If so, than there is a lot of psychology at play both social ind individual. Here is an example and it might explain some of the antagonism:
Maturation and lessons learned the hard way have taught some of us to appreciate some things he would dismiss.

I don't know Marty or his background, so this to me smacks of appealing to authority through age and some experience I'm suppossed to take at face value. Marty might come from a position of been there done that, or he might have had one or two scary happenings that have shaped his opinion and taught him life lessons. Or he could just be a couch grouch. Me too for that matter. I would now have to ask him what things has he learned that Dan hasn't? How well does he know Dan? What has Maturation taught him and how old is he to make a statement like this? If he is just a year or two older than Dan I might start laughing. I just don't know and I'm not going to take this jab at Dan at face value whether he deserves it or not. It might seem antagonistic to Marty, but these are valid questions when responding to this statement.

Posted on: 2007/10/19 2:51
Phil Smith

"But if you have someone who is in great need and you are still stron
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