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Kutaki Bling Now Available
村長 :: Sonchou
2003/1/24 17:34
From Chiba, Japan
村長 :: Admin
村民 :: Villager
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So after months and months of trying to find time to get back on track with Podcast topics, I've finally been able to do so. It was always my intention to follow through on the commitment that I made to send out Kutaki stickers (to those who sent in postcards in response to the podcast) before I put out the next episode.

The stickers have now been designed, created (at CafePress), and mailed out (to all but two people who didn't send me their return postal address - I've contacted these people by email and PM, but haven't had a response yet), and I have enough recorded material to release the next episode of the podcast hopefully this weekend.

Since those items have been taken care of, I'd now like to announce the Kutaki storefront which has been set up at CafePress >> http://www.cafepress.com/buy/kutaki/

The only item up for grabs at the moment is the Kutaki sticker. Its an oval, 5" x 3" sticker with a dragon design done by Bujinkan member Kazue Kashiwagi. Kazue is a very talented artist and I wanted to help her promote her work in this way. If there are requests for other items such as T-Shirts, mousepads, etc. these can also be done up either with the same design or with other designs done by Kazue.

Also, if there are any other Bujinkan artists out there who would like to promote their work via Kutaki goods I'm very willing to discuss this with you (please contact me by PM about this).

Feedback on both the sticker itself and this whole idea in general is appreciated.

Thanks, and happy training!


Posted on: 2007/8/23 15:10

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